Support for Anatomy Professionals (FICSAP)


The aims of FICSAP are to work collaboratively to:

  • identify associations that seek manpower development and training in the field of Anatomy
  • assist with support in the form of training to the areas identified


Helen Nicholson (Chair)
Representative from N America -Segun Oyedele
Representative from S America – Susana Biasutto
Representative from Africa – Samuel Asala
Representative from Asia – Guo-Fang Tseng
Representative from Europe – Guido Macchiarelli
Representative from Oceania – Stephanie Woodley
Representative from PEAP - Carol Hartmann
Representative from FIPAR – Anne Agur


  • Identify associations/institutions requiring help in the training of anatomists
  • Work with the President’s Emerging Anatomists Programme to develop training programmes for emerging anatomists
  • Facilitate cooperative exchange of staff and postgraduate students in bilateral or multilateral collaborations
  • Facilitate leadership development and mentorship programmes for mid-career anatomists
  • In collaboration with the President of the IFAA identify sources of funding to assist in the development of human capacity in anatomy

Five year plan

Year 1-2

Identify associations/institutions requiring help and understand the nature of assistance and resources that would be useful.

  • Undertake a survey across member associations to determine what help is required and who would be willing to assist
  • Undertake focus group sessions at major conferences to understand what assistance would be useful

Year 2-3

Identify existing programmes that are available to assist in a) training of emerging anatomists and b) provide leadership development opportunities for mid-career anatomists

  • Undertake review of publicly available resources
  • Work with PEAP to develop and implement a programme for emerging anatomists
  • Develop leadership development programme
  • Explore which member associations/institutions may be interested in establishing exchange of staff and students

Year 4-5

  • Develop a repository on the IFAA website of available resources
  • Implement leadership development programme
  • Identify possible sources of funding to assist with the exchange of staff and students
  • Develop an evaluation framework to evaluate programmes

Helen Nicholson

March 2020


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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