College of Representatives

IFAA College of Representatives

Cagatay Barut
Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul,TURKEY


The College of Representatives is constituted by one of the representatives from each member association of the IFAA. Thus, all associations are equally represented in the College. The College is tasked with assisting in the continuing development and esteem of the anatomical sciences. The College will be tasked, from time to time, by the IFAA Executive Board with initiatives to assist with the development of the anatomical sciences and to oversee some of the issues being considered by the IFAA Executive Committee and the General Assembly.

The mission of the College of Representatives is to investigate important matters facing anatomists and to provide the Executive with ways of solving these issues/initiating important events or tasks, and will also keep in constant touch with anatomists from around the globe.

Vision: To provide and develop collaboration between member associations of the IFAA for the development of the anatomical sciences.

Tasks to be considered:

  1. Investigate global scarcity of trained anatomists. The first step will be to identify the current situation and to assess the need for manpower in anatomy by means of a survey.
  2. Investigate the accreditation of postgraduate education in anatomy internationally in conjunction with FIPAE and FICSAP. To achieve this goal the IFAA may collaborate with the World Medical Education Federation.
  3. Propose members for the various FICs and FIPs to ensure equitable and diverse representation.
  4. Encourage member associations to propose symposia for the IFAA Congresses thus facilitating international collaborations. Furthermore, encourage member associations in collaboration with the IFAA President’s Emergent Anatomists Programme (FICSAP), to propose sessions with a specific theme for emerging anatomists.
  5. Assist the IFAA with the raising of funds to support various initiatives.
  6. Investigate expansion of the IFAA to include societies that are not yet represented.
  7. Investigate how the different societies are managing during the pandemic and consider ways of assisting each other. Communicate the solutions for online and/or distant education teaching and learning in anatomical education in terms of theoretical and practical classes in collaboration with other committees and programmes of the IFAA.


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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