FICSAP Annual Report 2023

The main activity of FICSAP, in collaboration with FIPAE, this year has been a joint pilot programme with Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia aimed at facilitating the development of emerging anatomists from Africa in educational research. The programme is modelled on one that Flinders has been running for health professional students and runs over ~ 6 […]

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Report for General Assembly 2022: Federative International Committee for the Support of Anatomy Professionals (FICSAP)

Aims The aims of FICSAP are to work collaboratively to: identify associations that seek manpower development and training in the field of Anatomy assist with support in the form of training to the areas identified Membership Helen Nicholson (Chair) Representative from N America -Segun Oyedele Representative from S America – Susana Biasutto Representative from Africa […]

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The IFAA Federative International Program for Anatomical Education (FIPAE - Nalini Pather, Chair) and the Federative International Committee for Supranational Anatomical Projects (FICSAP – Helen Nicholson, Chair) have prepared a joint survey to explore what support anatomists, at varying stages in their career, would find helpful. This survey is now live. The survey is available […]

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International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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