Executive Committee

Executive Committee (2022 – 2024)

Beverley Kramer South Africa President; Chair
Bernard J. Moxham UK Immediate Past President
Han Seung Ho South Korea  Vice-President
Erdoğan Şendemir Turkey  Vice-President
Diogo Pais Portugal Secretary General
Phil Blyth New Zealand Secretary
Susana Biasutto Argentina Secretary
Richard Halti Cabral Brazil Secretary and acting Treasurer
R. Shane Tubbs USA Chair of FIPAT – Anatomical Terminology
Nalini Pather Australia Chair of FIPAE – Anatomical Education
Han-Sung Jung  South Korea Chair of FIPAR - Anatomical Research
Gulgun Sengul Turkey Chair of FICSP – Scientific Publications
Andreas Winkelmann Germany Chair of FICEM - Ethics and Medical Humanities
Helen Nicholson New Zealand Chair of FICSAP – Supranational Anatomical Projects
Odile Plaisant France Chair of FICEDA - Equality and Diversity
Isabel Stabile Malta Editor of PLEXUS
Cagatay Barut Turkey Chair - College of Representatives
Guido Macchiarelli Italy President of ISMS and regular observer of IFAA Executive Committee


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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