Equality and Diversity in Anatomy (FICEDA)


Equality and diversity protects against discrimination with respect to sex, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief, race or age. These have become important societal issues and, increasingly, universities and academic staff are required to be trained in, and to comply with, equality and diversity legislation and proposals. FICEDA is consequently being set up to advise anatomists and inform them of how equality and diversity impacts upon their academic activities. The committee will NOT formulate policy but will produce periodic reports to the IFAA and its member anatomical associations. Where ethical or educational matters are involved, FICEDA will work with the IFAA’s Federative International Committee for Ethics in Medicine and/or the Federative International Programme for Anatomical Education. Amongst the issues to be debated are: anatomists’ appreciation of equality and diversity issues, gender issues during anatomical education, the representation of the gender, ethnic groups, and age groups in anatomical imagery, the biological determination of gender diversity. Member Associations of IFAA are invited to suggest topics for consideration and to participate in research into equality and diversity.


Odile Plaisant (Chair) (FR) (odileplaisant@me.com)
Bernard Moxham (Secretary) (GB) (moxham.ulyssesart@gmail.com)
Susan Morgan (GB) (morganS20@cardiff.ac.uk)
Silvia Ranz (Es) (silviaranz@bluegg.eu)
Beverley Kramer (SA) (beverley.kramer@wits.ac.za)
G.S.Longia (India) (gslanatsoc@gmail.com)
Rhiannon Parker (Australia) (rbp774@uowmail.edu.au)
Hong-Jin Sui (China) (suihj@hotmail.com)
Susana Biasutto (Argentina) (subiasutto@gmail.com)
Diogo Pais (Portugal) (diogo.pais@nms.unl.pt)
Brenda da Gama (SA) (degama@ukzn.ac.za)
Amanda Meyer (ANZACA) (A.Meyer@murdoch.edu.au)
Brandi Schmitt (US) (brandi.schmitt@ucop.edu)
Todd Olson (US) (todd.olson@einstein.yu.edu)
Neil Norton (US) (NeilNorton@creighton.edu)
Sherry Downie (US) (sherry.downie@einstein.yu.edu)
Racky Wade (Senegal) (racky.wade@hotmail.com)
Shiby Stephens (India) (StephensSG@cardiff.ac.uk)
Jenny Hayes (Australia) (j.hayes@unimelb.edu.au)

(see map below for present geographical distribution of committee members)

Geographical distribution of Committee members

Action Plan:

From 2019 – 2021

It is proposed we seek new members from Africa and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Given that we are presently unaware about how equality and diversity (ED) matters are dealt with in the anatomical community worldwide, our first action should be to questionnaire anatomical societies in order to provide information that can be shared over the IFAA website. A survey of anatomists attitudes towards ED will be undertaken.

From 2021 – 2022

From the findings of the earlier surveys guidelines will be produced for good practice in ED and policies developed for the IFAA

From 2022 – 2024

Aspects of ED that relate to gender issues internationally will be assessed in terms of the different genders of anatomists and also in terms of the ways gender issues and sexual orientation matters are taught in anatomy courses and how textbooks deal with gender and ethnic issues.


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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