The International Federation of Associations of Anatomists is an organization consisting of national and multinational anatomical associations. Its goals are to:

  • To encourage and increase scientific, technological, educational and administrative exchanges among anatomists worldwide;
  • To provide general guidelines for educational, technological and scientific purposes and for issues of general interest to anatomical sciences;
  • To support emergent anatomists;
  • To coordinate and support the preparation, revision and publication of documents on the terminology of the anatomical sciences and biomorphology;
  • To stimulate friendship and cooperation among members of associations of anatomists;
  • To promote international scientific congresses, symposia and other meetings of anatomical and morphological sciences.

If your association is interested in becoming a member of this organization, please contact the IFAA Treasure (see information below) and you will be sent the information necessary to become an IFAA member association:

Diogo Pais, Secretary General


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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