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The International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) celebrated its centenary in 2003. It was initially formed to “lead the anatomical societies of the world and to organize congresses, during which scientific findings and views of common interest could be exchanged”. Today, while maintaining these objectives (and while having the primary purpose of “assembling” the national and multinational anatomical associations that request membership and are approved as members), the IFAA aims to

  • further the development, and to promote progress of all anatomical or biomorphological sciences.
  • encourage and increase scientific, technological, educational and administrative exchanges among anatomists worldwide.
  • provide general guidelines for educational, technological and scientific purposes and for issues of general interest to anatomical sciences.
  • coordinate and support the preparation, revision and publication of documents on the terminology of the anatomical sciences and biomorphology.
  • stimulate friendship and cooperation among members of associations of anatomists.
  • promote international scientific congresses, symposia and other meetings of anatomical and morphological sciences.

To accomplish these aims, the IFAA has an Executive Committee with Officers that serve for a 4/5 year period (between IFAA Anatomical Congresses) and whose actions are overseen by representatives of the constituent member societies and who assemble at the Congresses as the IFAA General Assembly. It is the General Assembly that represents the universality of the members of the IFAA and its decisions are binding. The election of the place and date of the IFAA Anatomical Congresses is also made by the General Assembly.

The members of the IFAA are all Associations/Societies of Anatomists, national or multinational, that are elected to join by the General Assembly and who pay IFAA dues.

The Executive Committee appoints specialized Federative International Programmes and Committees ad referendum of the General Assembly. Each Programme or Committee is comprised of representatives of as many Associations of Anatomists as possible, from amongst members of IFAA. Presently, there are 3 Programmes and 4 Committees:

The Federative International Programme for Anatomical Terminology (FIPAT)

The Federative International Programme for Anatomical Education (FIPAE)

The Federative International Programme for Ethics and Medical Humanities (FICEM)

The Federative International Committee for Scientific Publications (FICSP)

The Federative International Committee for Support for Anatomy Professionals (FICSAP)

The Federative International Programme for Anatomical Research (FIPAR)

The Federative International Committee for Equality and Diversity in Anatomy (FICEDA)

To help inform anatomists throughout the world of the activities of the IFAA, our newsletter Plexus is regularly produced and placed on our website.

To provide understanding of the issues being dealt with by the IFAA, in addition to the minutes of the Executive Committee placed on the website, you are referred to the President’s address and to the “Kyoto Declaration” (both of which are also on this website).

Information on the IFAA for member Associations and interested individuals

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International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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