Scientific Publications (FICSP)


Mission: The mission of the FICSP is to promote the quality of content of publications in the fields of anatomy worldwide. Publishing activities in the anatomical sciences will be strengthened by encouraging communication, collaboration, and sharing of resources among the journals, through a forum for Editors of the official journals of the Associations to communicate and exchange information of mutual interest and concern.
Vision: To provide and develop collaboration between editors of the official anatomical journals of the Associations.

Five-year strategic plan

1. Expand the range of membership of the FICSP to as many member societies as possible where anatomical journals exist. Expand participation from societies that currently show a low level of participation.
2. Encourage editors to contact COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and get on their e-mail list, and share e-mails from them with the Editors of anatomical journals. Continue to discuss issues in anatomical publishing including notification of COPE publications of interest.
3. Encourage and critically discuss new ideas and proposals from members of FICSP to increase visibility of the committee. Include FICSP information materials in members’ presentations at various meetings of the anatomical sciences.
4. Continue to publish the tables of contents of our respective journals and publish links to the abstracts of peer-reviewed papers presented at meetings organised by our member societies in THE PLEXUS.
5. Monitor publications for journals of member societies to identify papers of interest that can be shared among editors and when applicable, members at large. Identify and discuss publications that improve FICSP presentation and quality of studies in the anatomical sciences.
6. Encourage use of the IFAA terminologies in anatomical journals.
7. Organize presentations/forums at IFAA and other meetings regarding FICSP.

Gulgun Sengul
Chair, FICSP


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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