Anatomical Terminology (FIPAT)


The purpose of FIPAT is to maintain the IFAA Terminologies (the international standard human anatomical nomenclature), and to increase the use and usefulness of the terminologies.  To these ends, the FIPAT mission is to continually adapt the anatomical terminologies to developments in the morphological sciences and to the needs of medicine, the biomedical sciences and other health professions, and to promote the correct use of terminology among these groups and members of the general public, including writers and journalists.

The IFAA Terminologies

Officers, Coordinators and Advisors


  1. R. Shane Tubbs (USA) was elected Chair of FIPAT at the 2019 IFAA World Congress in London.
  2. The second edition of Terminologia Embryologica and Terminologia Neuroanatomica were approved and adopted as IFAA Terminologies by the 2019 IFAA General Assembly in London.
  3. The second edition of Terminologia Anatomica (2019) has been approved by representatives of the IFAA Member Societies and published online


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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