Anatomy Education Symposia Recordings


Opening Symposium

Talk 1 | It matters that anatomy is inclusive diverse accessible

By Professor Nalini Pather, UNSW Australia

Opening Symposium

Talk 2 | Examining barriers faced by anatomists: how can anatomy be more inclusive?

By Professor Claudia Smith, Brighton-Sussex & Professor Gabrielle Finn, University of Manchester

Opening Symposium

Talk 3 | Our journey towards more diverse & equitable representation of bodies in Biomedical Visualisation

By Professor Claudia Krebs, University of British Columbia

Opening Symposium

Talk 4 | Black in Anatomy: starting hard conversations on systemic racism.

By A.Professor Melissa Carroll, The George Washington University & Black in Anatomy

Opening Symposium

Talk 5 | Anatomy Education and Human Biodiversity.

By Professor Goran Strkalj, UNSW Australia

Opening Symposium

Talk 6 | The profile change of a donor program.

By Dr Brendon Billings, Wits University

2nd IFAA Virtual Anatomy Education Symposium, 15 October 2021

1st IFAA Virtual Anatomy Symposium - Full Recording | 15 October 2020


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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