Federative International Committee for Equality and Diversity in Anatomy (FICEDA) – Report August 2022


Membership of FICEDA needs to be reviewed not least because there are members who have not contributed since the formation of the FIC.

In 2021, an IFAA Zoom talk by the FIC’s Secretary on matters related to ‘Sexism and Anatomy’ was delivered. Having received ethical approval for a survey on attitudes and policies toward equality and diversity within IFAA member societies, the survey instrument was distributed. 24 constituent member societies of the IFAA provided responses and the initial analyses of the findings were sent to members of FICEDA to receive their comments. The results of our survey, being crucial to enabling identification of best practice and also to formulate IFAA guidelines for equality and diversity, will be delivered at a FICEDA symposium at the August IFAA Congress in Istanbul.

Action Plan for 2022/23

  1. We presently have 3 members from the US who are not active in FICEDA. It is proposed
    to have one new member from the US and to seek new members in Africa and Eastern
  2. From analyses of the results of the survey, draft IFAA guidelines will be produced for
    initial presentation at the Istanbul Congress and for subsequent discussion within the
    Executive Committee.
  3. We urge the Executive Committee and FIPAT to now complete the removal of pudererelated terms from all the IFAA terminologies, given that non-radical alternative terms are
    readily available.
  4. A second survey will be distributed, this time assessing individual anatomists’ attitudes
    towards Equality and Diversity. Aspects of Equality and Diversity that relate to gender
    issues internationally will be assessed in terms of the different genders of anatomists and
    also in terms of the ways gender issues and sexual orientation matters are taught in
    anatomy courses and how textbooks deal with gender and ethnic issues.

Odile Plaisant
Chair of FICEDA

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