Plexus Annual Report 2023


Prepared by Isabel Stabile

Shiby Stevens and I compiled and edited two issues of Plexus which were published in April and September 2023. We solicited contributions from a variety of stakeholders for both issues, but the number of responses was relatively low. This is in spite of the fact that we emailed members as well as representatives of all member societies with requests to contribute short pieces about recent achievements and submit relevant information. We also invited new societies to send in a small piece to introduce themselves and asked the Chairs of FIPS etc to provide an ongoing summary of their activities. We also attempted to obtain titles of papers presented at local/international meetings as well as the Table of Contents from anatomical journals. The most important source of articles and images for Plexus 2023 was the highly successful Anatomy Day celebrations that were held across the world in October 2022. I wish to thank Shiby for her unstinting work on Plexus. Thank you.


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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