FICEDA Annual Report 2023


Last year, FICEDA conducted a survey of the membership of the IFAA to assess to what extent the constituent member associations were engaged in matters relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI). From the results of the survey, IFAA guidelines for EDI were formulated and approved by the Executive Committee of the IFAA. The guidelines have been uploaded onto the IFAA website.

Presently, an article concerning the findings of the survey and the subsequent IFAA guidelines is being drafted to be submitted to a peer-reviewed anatomical journal. As a follow-up to the initial survey, a brief questionnaire was devised and submitted to those IFAA associations that initially responded that they had no policies regarding EDI. The purpose of the follow-up survey is to assess how effective the guidelines have been in encouraging IFAA associations to engage with EDI.

No other projects are in the pipeline for FICEDA up until the next IFAA Congress in South Korea when all members of FICEDA will be replaced, including the Chair and Secretary.

The Secretary of FICEDA will devise a general questionnaire for the IFAA to be submitted to all constituent members of the IFAA to assess reactions to IFAA policies and projects, including, amongst other issues, EDI and use of cadaveric imagery.

12th November 2023

Odile Plaisant


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists

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