Federative International Committee on Scientific Publications (FICSP) 2019-2022 Report


1. FICSP membership

We have expanded the range of membership of the FICSP to more member societies. There were 14 FICSP members in 2019, currently there are 21 members and journals represented.


A document for the links of the most recent issues FICSP journals and links for the abstracts for anatomy meetings that took place in 2020 were published in the May issue of the PLEXUS, and a report and announcement in April 2022.

3. Zoom Meetings

FICSP Zoom meetings in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

4. Webinars

We organized webinars for 'Publishing in Anatomy Journals' open to all anatomy scientific communities. The attended number for the first webinar was 171, and the second 359. These webinars have been uploaded to the IFAA webiste.

FICSP Webinar 1:
Publishing About Anatomical Variations
Chair: Professor Gulgun Sengul
Speakers: Professor Valéria Paula Sassoli Fazan - Professor Fabrice Duparc
February 24, 2022; 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm (CET)

FICSP Webinar 2:
Writing an Original Research Article - Pitfalls and Problems
Chair: Professor Gulgun Sengul
Speakers: Professor Jose Ramon Sanudo Tejero - Professor Kumar Satish Ravi
June 29, 2022; 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm (CET)

FICSP will continue the webinars with October 2002.

5. Symposium

FICSP has organized a symposium for the IFAA Congress 2022. August 5, 2022
'Ethical Considerations in the Publication of Anatomy Manuscripts’

FICSP Symposium Ethical Considerations in the Publication of Anatomy Manuscripts
Shane R. Tubbs - The ethicality of publishing anatomical research: Perspectives from an author, reviewer, and editor
Heather F. Smith - Data Integrity and Ethical Publishing Behavior in the Anatomical Sciences
Gulgun Sengul - Ethics in experimental animal research

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