Report for General Assembly 2022: Federative International Committee for the President’s Emergent Anatomist Programme (PEAP)


The IFAA President’s Emergent Anatomist Programme was initiated by Prof Beverley Kramer and launched at the 2019 IFAA Congress, London. The Programme aims to support the development of emergent anatomists by facilitating opportunities and programmes to develop their skills and expertise as they grow their professional networks and identities.

Activities 2019 to 2022

The Programme was launched at a Symposium at the IFAA Congress, London, 2019. Please see the Post-hoc abstract for a report of the Symposium.

Introduction to Scientific Writing Workshops were planned for the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa and International Symposium on Morphological Sciences meetings in 2020, but, unfortunately, these could not take place due to the COVID pandemic. However, a virtual Introduction to Scientific Writing workshop was facilitated by Prof Beverley Kramer, Prof Jose Sanudo, Dr Erin Hutchinson, and Dr Carol Hartmann at the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa conference in April 2021.  A second virtual workshop was held in May 2022 and additional workshops are planned for August and September of 2022. There has been a lot of interest shown in the Introduction to Scientific Writing Workshops, with future workshops planned.

In addition, PEAP supported a virtual round table discussion on the importance of mentoring emergent anatomists at the Brazilian Students Congress, II CONLAAH, July 2021, as well as a virtual panel discussion on career opportunities and the future of the anatomical sciences at the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa Conference, April 2022.

A panel discussion providing information for emergent anatomists on ways in which they can establish a professional profile, is planned for the IFAA Congress, August 2022 (see attached abstract).

Activities 2023

In addition to continuing with the Introduction to Scientific Writing workshops, it is hoped that the mentorship programme will be launched in 2023.

We are also collaborating with Postgraduate students from various South African Higher Education Institutions to develop a workshop for the 2023 International Symposium on Morphological Sciences, Cape Town.

In partnership with the European Journal of Anatomy, a 3-hour workshop on peer review of a manuscript has been developed. It is hoped this workshop will be made available in the first semester of 2023.

Carol Hartmann

18 July 2022


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